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The SAFEGUARD CardDrive™
is the world's
first encrypted,
credit card flash drive
that utilizes patented
high level encryption security
(patent pending)


The SAFEGUARD ™ is the first and only secured and fully encrypted credit card flash drive in the world (patent pending). It is also the fastest product available in the market with incredible speeds of 300MB/s and highest storage capacity of 256GB

There is no other device today in the market that even resembles our patented product. This product is unique and stands on its own. We have developed a proprietary high level encryption algorithm, like no other, that differentiate us from all others (patent pending). This makes our product the most secure flash drive in the market. All other flash drives offer no encryption capabilities whatsoever and do not come in our patented convenient credit card form factor, that can be easily carried in your wallet. You will be the first to have such an incredible product and be the envy of everyone around you.

Our product is the only one that allows you to attach documents, photos or videos to any email you send on your Iphone or any mobile device while you are on the road instantly, in the press of a button. There is No other device that allow you to attach external documents or photos to your mobile email. Simply said, no device out there have our access to external stored data so easy, fast and at the tap of your fingers. Our product also contain Anti-Theft feature and optional GPS tracking capabilities and let you know if and when anyone is trying to access it without your knowledge. We are pioneers in the mobile field. We protect and secure your private information better then any other product.


1.      SIZE – Thinnest size, credit card size form factor, easily fits in your wallet

2.      SPEED – Faster then any other storage device or service, up to 300MB/s. X10 times faster

3.      SECURITY – Highest security than any other similar storage storage devices - Hacker proof

6.      ENCRYPTION –  Highest level of encryption in the industry(patent pending). All other flash drives are not encrypted or secured in any way.

7.      AUTO BACKUP –  The only Flash Drive that offers instant “Automatic Wireless Synchronized Mirror Backup” to backup your data to another CardDriveTM. No other Flash drive has this capability

8.      ATTACH FILES TO MOBILE EMAIL ON THE GO – The only Flash Drive that allows you to attach external and internal documents or photos to your mobile email instantly. No other flash drive offer such features. Works with Iphone and Android mobile phones and tablets (comes with a FREE App.)

9.      MULTI BACKUP OF IPHONE, TABLET & COMPUTER – Fully secure encrypted backup of all your devices, files, photos and contacts on one card. No other card has this capability of backing up all of your devices on one card while fully secured with no fear of being hacked.


10.    ANTI LOSS/THEFT – SAFEGUARD CardDrive™ incorporates a special Anti Loss/Theft & Tracking features. This special
option is not available on other storage devices or flash drives

11.    REAL TIME HACKING ALERT NOTIFICATION – SAFEGUARD CardDrive™ provides Real Time Alert notification whenever anyone try to hack your data on the card. No other device or service provides you with any real time data breach alert notification whatsoever, if your data is breached. Only the the SAFEGUARD CardDrive™ provides you with such valuable Real Time Alert notification.

12.    LOCATION TRACKING – The SAFEGUARD CardDrive™ is the only private storage encrypted device in the industry that
offers exact GPS location tracking, so you can find it if lost or stolen.

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